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Keeping your Luggage Safe

When I recently asked my Twitter followers for examples of looted luggage, I didn’t expect the results would be quite so personal: an oil painting that an artist was carrying home to Chicago; a favorite Swiss Army knife that had traveled the world with its owner until it was stolen on a flight from Mexico to Panama; some fake pearls (and a box of condoms) from a bag at Newark-Liberty International.

Beyond the anger at having something stolen is the distasteful sense of violation, that strangers have rummaged through your most personal possessions.

Chances are good that you know someone who has had something filched from his or her checked bags. You may even have been a victim yourself. For the past decade, airline reports of “mishandled” luggage have hovered at around five complaints for every 1,000 domestic passengers, a figure that buries actual theft reports in a category that also includes loss, damage, and delay. Nevertheless, a series of recent high-profile arrests demonstrates that, no matter the number of reports, the boldness of thieves has increased, leaving both law enforcement and passengers on high alert.

Last February two TSA agents at JFK International airport were arrested on charges of stealing nearly $160,000 in cash from passenger luggage. In 2009 eight baggage handlers contracted by Delta at St. Louis’s Lambert airport were arrested for going through hundreds of bags and taking more than 900 items over the course of a year. Also that year, a Continental employee from Houston told ABC News that she regularly sees her co-workers searching luggage for valuables.

And it’s not just checked baggage that’s at risk. Scott Mayerowitz, airlines reporter for the Associated Press, says, “I won’t step through the metal detector until I see my bag enter the X-ray machine.” It’s good advice—sticky-fingered TSA agents are rare, but they have been known to pocket items from carry-ons and purses in the screening area.

The worst part: Don’t assume that an airlines will readily reimburse you for stolen goods. Their ticket rules rarely cover loss of cash, jewelry, electronics, furs, heirlooms, and other expensive items. (Most travel insurance plans don’t cover much either.)

So in the end, who’s to blame? The TSA acknowledges the criminal actions of “a few individuals,” and a spokesperson told me the agency will “aggressively investigate all allegations of misconduct” and has a “zero-tolerance policy for criminal activity.” In the meantime, with no single agency in charge of securing bags, there’s an unending circle of finger-pointing among airlines, airports, the TSA, and any other group that handles airline luggage. And as the reports of theft continue, passengers should be rethinking how—and what—they pack.

TSA Permitted and Prohibited Items List from

TSA Permitted and Prohibited Items List

Before you pack that hostess gift or favorite holiday treat in your carry-on, remember liquids, gels, and aerosols in containers larger than 3 ounces are not permitted through the security checkpoint. Never fear, cakes and pies are permitted.

TSA's list of holiday items that you should put in your checked bag, ship ahead, or leave at home:

Luggagedesigners Grand Opening of their New Store in Erie!!

Erie, PALuggagedesigners hosted their grand opening ceremony, at the new location of their store at the Village West Shopping Center 3330 West 26th Street Erie, PA 16506 on July 13th 2013 from 12:00 – 3:00, they featured Happi 92.7 morning radio host Shari McBride for a remote radio feed and State Representative Ryan Bizzarro for a ribbon cutting ceremony.


Luggagedesigners is proud to become the only travel goods store in western Pennsylvania bringing unique lines of luggage, anti-theft bags and wallets, leather goods, backpacks, and many travel accessories not found in any stores in the Erie region.


Luggagedesigners has operated as an internet luggage and travel goods store for the past few years headquartered in Erie PA. The announcement of their first brick and mortar store is a sign of its continued growth and quality service in the travel goods industry.

The company is also the only company worldwide that has a patented process, the ability to transfer an image onto a person’s luggage, making it easily identifiable to the owner. The security feature of the barcoded I.D. tag allows for retrieval of a person’s lost luggage when bought from Luggagedesigners.


Luggagedesigners Announces the Opening of Their New Store in Erie PA

Luggagedesigners announce the opening of their new store in the Village West Plaza 3330 W 26th Street Erie, PA 16506. Luggagedesigners will have the only luggage store for a 150 mile radius. The store should be open for business in June 2013.

Luggagedesigners revamps their website based upon consumer input.

Luggagedesigners announces the remake of their site!

        Based upon feedback for the consumers Luggagedesigners has implemented the changes their consumers wanted. Consumers asked for ease of application when designing their luggage or bags and we heard them. The site is now more user friendly and flows more easily towards creating a great looking piece of luggage. Check us out at .

Luggagedesigners Relocates to larger Store

Luggagedesigners moved it store to a larger location in Erie PA. The growth of the company has been tremendous over the last few years and they needed a larger facility to house the new employees and warehouse spaces. They have moved to 3522 Liberty St. Erie, PA 16508 in the Liberty Plaza.
Come visit their new location and enjoy the quality travel goods and luggage all at the guaranteed lowest prices anywhere. announces free shipping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders announces free shipping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders announces distribution agreement with Jetzone travel health products announces distribution agreement with Jetzone travel health products. announces distribution agreement with Atlantic Luggage/Travelpro.

Whether you're cruising the high seas or flying the friendly skies, Atlantic® believes the journey is always more fun, more enjoyable when the traveling is easier. announces distribution agreement with Samsonite/American Tourister

For nearly 100 years, Samsonite has continued to leverage its craftsmanship and heritage as an innovator, to create unique solutions for the sophisticated traveler. signs aggreement with Pacsafe as a distributor has become a distributor of Pacsafe products. Pacsafe’s goal is to empower customers to travel with confidence and peace of mind. Pacsafe offers a complete range of smart products across a variety of travel channels including adventure, business, women’s, accessories, camera and urban & leisure.

Luggagedesigners unique concept of identifiable and security related luggage makes this union of safety and travelers piece of mind a perfect match. is a one of a kind luggage online company that makes customizable luggage. This online luggage company also manufactures luggage tags that are traceable on Luggagedesigners web site. Consumers come to and purchase their luggageonline. They then will upload their identifiable graphic to be adhered to their luggage. Along with a set of colorful luggage grippers, each bag will have a unique barcode for that set of luggage that can be traced to its owner if ever lost.

Luggagedesigners has Moved!
Luggagedesigners has moved to its new larger location at 3522 Liberty Street Erie, PA 16508.

Luggage Designers featured on "Giving You the Business" WICU Erie, PA

Luggage Designers featured on "Giving You the Business" WICU Erie, PA

Launch of New Luggage web site will launch their official website devoted to offering the customer luggage and travel accessories that are unique, customizable, and have added security benefits.

Luggagedesigners and High Sierra

Luggagedesigners has entered into an aggreement with Kelty to showcase and market their products on our site.  High Sierra has been making durable outdoor products since 1978 to accommodate the needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts, adventure travelers, school students, and commuters.

Luggagedesigners and Royce Leather

Luggagedesigners has entered into an aggreement with Kelty to showcase and market their products on our site. Established in 1974, Royce Leather has utilized decades of knowledge and experience to produce a fine crafted quality leather product with a specific focus on detail and innovative design.

Luggagedesigners and Kelty

Luggagedesigners has entered into an aggreement with Kelty to showcase and market their products on our site. A leader in the outdoor industry, Kelty has been at the forefront of innovation and outdoor product technology for over 60 years.